I Have Excellent Taste

Good taste is not subjective.

Permalink Four years and about a million memories. Thanks 11th street.  #movingday #capitolhill http://ift.tt/1peHbSs
Permalink Moving weekend & the end of an era. Partner in crime & roomie for 6(!) great years — will miss you. #tbt #besties #imnotcryingyourecrying http://ift.tt/1pnk0eU
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Permalink Move cancelled. Will live at the Frager’s Outdoor Patio store. http://ift.tt/XKecAE
Permalink Pack break http://ift.tt/YOUqUV
Permalink Packing find: Authentic Dillon Panthers hat. #cleareyes #fullhearts #cantlose http://ift.tt/1sfMqEO
Permalink Our suits have changed, but little else. #tbt http://ift.tt/1quHhXr
Permalink See ya next year. http://ift.tt/1oXUvL0
Permalink The annual outing. http://ift.tt/1rPTsA5
Permalink #lastonthebeach #🌅 http://ift.tt/YqZjU2
Permalink I *think* we have enough sandwiches for today. #firstonthebeach #lastonthebeach http://ift.tt/1BtwtRV
Permalink Pretty sure I’ve taken this same picture about 9 years in a row. #lastonthebeach http://ift.tt/1vT6Jya
Permalink Taking to back to the beach for a few days — and I can’t wait. #vacationiscoming #tbt http://ift.tt/1t10IKl
Permalink Might not be perfect baseball weather but we are certainly doing okay. http://ift.tt/1vERSY7
Permalink WFNY http://ift.tt/1vxFUPR