I Have Excellent Taste

Good taste is not subjective.

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Permalink day-early seder with the whole family in Austin http://ift.tt/1p1k0kU
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Permalink Well, when in Texas. http://ift.tt/1p0qCQx
Permalink Attempt at as family selfie. Oy. http://ift.tt/1hB3dRq
Permalink Shaking a tail feather. http://ift.tt/OVkIPO
Permalink Morning y’all. http://ift.tt/1icfRW2
Permalink Basically the whole airport is gathered at one gate to welcome a group of WWII veterans coming to DC to visit the memorial. #excessiveweeping http://ift.tt/1hrhz5S
Permalink Eggcellent work, @bsdwire http://ift.tt/1lOciWl
Permalink Game of Bones. #livefromwinterfell http://ift.tt/1mRKnoC
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